Thursday, May 6, 2010

Web Classmate's Site

Looking through some of my peer's working website, I've noticed a few really decent layouts in class. My friend, Dan Kearsey, has presented one of these fine quality layouts. I feel I should give a little credit where credit is due, so here goes.

Upon my initial response to the site, the colors chosen are vibrant yet professional; giving an interesting sensory appeal. All of his content is centered and relatively smaller in comparison to the surrounding negative space. I like the personable appeal also, with the picture of he and his fiancee. The typography is legitimately structured, and I am really liking the redesign of the social networking links. They relate to the design, but don't immediately jump at the viewer.

Moving along, Dan's navigation is clear and concise; just as is his portfolio. Something I am considering with my website is clustering my porfolio pieces via media. A good example of this idea can be seen through Dan's site, and how he has separated thumbnail groups. The contact information is not overbearing but might stand a to shrink a bit.

Other than that, props to Dan Kearsey on a site well-done!

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