Sunday, May 2, 2010

427 Open House

This past Friday (4/30) I was able to attend an open house at/with local Akronite design firm, 427. It was my first time attending a design open house. Thankfully enough, they were relatively close to the campus (on N. Union). I arrived to a quiet wooded area where the business complex exists at the end of the road. 427 were on the second floor.

And there I entered the 'fight against the ugliness', adorned with plenty of tacos and luchadors. All throughout the triangular layout of the office studio were various print works of illustration and typography. everyone had a glass-encased office, which I found welcoming.

From this initial observation I was greeted by a few of my peers from class. We mingled among one another for a bit and then I went off on my own to look around some more. These guys were legit from the get-go. Full photography studio, centrally located lounge area, kitchen; and yes, a studio offices for music and musicians alike. Who wouldn't want to work here, right?

After another round of eying the place, it was time for a beer. They had Mic-Ultra, which is a fair selection. I wanted to take a look over at the promotionals, but the adjacent bookshelf seemed less congested. Over the past 6 years of college, I have been holding on to most of my books in hopes to revise and upgrade a lifelong library. So when I browsed over the 427 bookshelf, I saw an even variety of interactive/web, type, advertisement/illustration, as well as software materials. Good stuff. Some other interesting things were on the top of the shelf. For example, they had woodblock letterforms that spelled out this:

When I saw the old cameras next to them, I asked someone who I thought designed there about them. Apparently he didn't know as I found he too was a visitor. His name was Chris, and he came from designing in Arizona. We chatted a while about the field, what to expect, stuff like that. Either way, those cameras were interesting (look into those later).

Moving onto the promo table; effective, appropriate, impressive. I scored a screen print, lucha-figure (w/packaging), magnet, and a window cling; all custom DIY by the way. All in all an enlightening experience. Thanks 427!

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