Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Soccer logos

GOOD logo
Business Type - Professional
Logo Type - Emblems
Business - Cleveland Force & Columbus Crew

The Cleveland Force was a professional indoor soccer team affiliated with the Major Indoor Soccer League from 1978 to '88. Meanwhile, the Columbus Crew plays in the Major Leagues, and have been since 1996. Both of these American soccer teams are understandably similar in sport; however, the two also relate on the unique individuality of a quality logotype.

The stark contrast of a construction crew emblemized on a shield represents the spirit of not only a hard working ball club, but the entire supporting fan base. The black monochrome triad and dirty yellow furthers a team symbology of fortitude and energy. Fortitude is also created through the use of black capital sans-serif, reading 'THE CREW', contained in a quarter-thick heading stripe of yellow. When initially viewing a shield I think of defense, yet the idea of a badge can also imply action. I believe that the rendering of the three crew members communicates an overall value and reality of integrity.

Another energetic solution can be seen through the literal swirling forms of the Cleveland Force's figure emblem. Although a retro logo, the effectiveness of capturing visual interest remains timeless. The depth of field is heightened by an enlarged soccer ball overlapping a dynamically pacing figure, rendered in high contrast. To me, the color scheme of prime blue, yellow, and white creates a lively and active mood. While the quality of the typography is compromised a bit; the word, 'FORCE', is form-fitted within the largest portion of the swirling forms. Three parts of this emblem commendably summarize the idea of soccer specific force: the ball, the player, and twisting forms.

BAD logo
Business Type - Professional
Logo Type - Emblem
Business - Cleveland City Stars

Founded in 2006, the Cleveland City Stars are a professional soccer team with a bland logo. At first glance, the typical European club badge style does not provide much appeal, as the form relies on a rich and pleasant tone of green. There is a weak connection between the logotype and team name. I feel that this emblem could stand to further read 'STARS' to communicate the full name. Since this team plays strictly in America and is not well known, I'm not so sure that depicting a half-soccer ball / half-globe maintains a clear message. Although, the team pulls players from other parts of the Earth. The fact that the stars on the shield are so downplayed really disappoints me. The skyline of Cleveland is not very recognizable to begin with, and pairing a black cityscape on top of forest-green cuts down the level of dimensionality. Reading 'CLEVELAND CITY' is the only obvious indicator of location. Soccer, although played within a series of boxes, is such a free flowing and open ended sport; it does not seem to do the game any justice by placing an alternating vertical bar pattern in the background. This conversely signifies too much restriction and order.

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  1. I agree with your bad logo choice for the Cleveland City Stars. If it wasn't for the little bit of soccer ball you may see, I would have not guessed this to be a soccer team let alone, a sports team. To me all I see is a propaganda logo for Cleveland itself. It looks like it is portraying the city of Cleveland more than a soccer team. Not a great choice of color, didn't really know it was called the Stars except for the symbol stars, just saying Cleveland City doesn't do it for me. I can't wait to see your concepts for this team, it's going to be awesome! Good Luck!