Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Garden logos

GOOD logo
Business Type - Service
Logo Type - Wordmark
- Young's Garden Center

Operating out of Fort Mill, South Carolina, Young's Garden Center provides quality service and products. Just as the logo suggests, healthy flowers and vegetatio
n are a main focus. The serif typography alludes to the foundation of a family-run business, and also the organic nature of a garden center. A flower extends from the right stroke of the letter 'y', colored with a golden sun-like yellow throughout the petals. Utilizing a color palette involving greens and yellow is a great communicator of something positive and plentiful. I notice that using all lower case letterforms in this wordmark aids this theme even more. Young's logotype is simple, yet it's treatment is very successful.

BAD logo
Business Type - Service
Logo Type
- Wordmark

Business - Donzell's Flower and Garden Center

Donzell's Flower and Garden Center is located in Akron, Ohio. As one can see, this logo is very bland and boring. The only point of interest here is seen through the serif typeface, and even that is slightly contrived. Using a horizontal division line only separates the business title, and is equally uninteresting. Expanding the color palette might bring some life to this logo, as the pairing of forest-green/blue and light tan seem limited. I feel like this logo could be so much more creative, especially when considering any business involving nature. There basically isn't much else to say about the logo one way or another.

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  1. I agree with your thorough comparison of young's and donzell's. I pass donzell's all of the time and can only agree with the fact that its bland and boring. The colors would better suit a book store or a coffee shop. They don't say anything about fresh green life or beautiful flowers. It could almost be a law firm or something lol. Anyway, should you decide to alter these logos Ill be interested to see what you come up with. later -mike-