Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camille Utterbeck

This is a tad on the delay, but I'm finally posting something this semester!
Anyway, Camille Utterbeck came through Myers School of Art with the help my awesome professor, Tony Samangy. Our class had the privilege of interacting with a couple of Camille's installations, further dialoguing her thoughts. She spoke to some of the ideals of connectivity and furthermore instigated individual awareness of this general connection we share with our ever-changing environment.
New media is essentially an infantile art-form achieved through the extension and integration of web, video, and graphic utilities. Utterbeck has been creating in this medium for roughly 10 years. While working through computer programming techniques to establish a work, her prevailing emotive retains a humanistic quality. This is further conveyed by the mere interactions required to view each differently conceived installation. For example, people walk and ride bikes over an area in downtown San Jose. Good, innovative stuff!

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